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  • 70-Day self-paced course with complete 5-Step Process, 70 Healing Insights, and over 70 self-reflection videos for both men and women.
  • Digital workbook with 70 Activities, Soul Searching Questions, & Daily Challenges! Plus Tapping Meditations! 
  • Full Anti-Inflammatory Shopping List with over 80 items!
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  • RESEARCH-BASED course that has helped countless individuals live a full life!
  • A course that delivers results in less than 70 Days! 
  • 5-Step Process to nurture your Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit! 
  • 70-Healing Insights to apply to your daily life! 
  • 70 + Videos with content to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness! 
  • Digital workbook which can be easily accessed anytime! 
  • Shopping list with enough options to create your own recipes! 
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